Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fall is here

So I've been pretty bad at this whole blogging thing. I am going to try and post more often! These are some picture of the day trip we took up to Swan Valley and Jackson Hole a couple of weeks ago. It was so beautiful up there and it reminded me of how much I really love fall. Fall is great here for the two weeks it last but I miss the fall in California.

We had a great Halloween this year. Matt carved a pumpkin that resembles are dog Sophie perfectly! Matt carves like the pros. He used a knife, a veggie peeler, and even a drill to get the job done. I was so impressed. I was so sad when we put it outside and it wilted in the cold!

We went to some pretty fun parties too this weekend. On friday we went to a party with one of Matt's old mission buddies Clayson and his wife Cierra. We forgot to take pictures but I dressed up like a deer (because I look like one) and Matt dressed up like a hunter. We all brought a clip from our favorite scary movie and watched them all. I thought it was a blast and Matt had fun even though he HATES scary movies. Then on Saturday we went over to Chris and Kendra's awesome new apartment and had tons of fun. We had an amazing dinner and watched one of of my favorite movies, Hocus Pocus. Matt and I made sure to bring "Mexican Cokes". For those of you how don't know the difference between Mexican Coke and American Coke, its that our coke is made with corn syrup and Mexican coke is made with cane sugar. Matt is a big fan. After that we went to the Haunted Mill and got the crap scared out of us. All in all it was a fun Halloween and I can't wait for Thanksgiving.